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hkdiet's Journal

Heidi & Kate do dieting!
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Heidi and Kate are cooler than you. And your mom. Also any other relatives of yours.

We are on a quest to improve our overall health, not just to lose weight, so our diets are going to eventually be more health-based than weight loss-based. And we'll be even sexier than we are now. That's right, we said it. We're so hot, it's hard to believe that we could actually be hotter...than your mom! Haha. We're funny.

Anyway, sorry to report, but you cannot join our community, nor can you read our journal. We're just not that into you. Actually, it's more that we would have had a private journal, but then we couldn't both post in it, so instead we have a private community. Maybe, just maybe, if you're really cool (highly unlikely) we might let you read it someday. Maybe.

Okay, that's all. Signing off now.

- Heidi & Kate, the sexiest ladies in Denton County (don't deny it! you know it's true!)